Three reasons Talking Point Cards are good for you


Talking is good for us, we know this. But did you know it can also boost our emotional and mental health? It’s a double whammy. Good conversation keeps us happy and healthy.

Not that you need an excuse to whip out our Talking Point Cards but below are just three reasons why having conversations with purpose are genuinely good for you:

  1. You’ll never be stuck for something to say – We get it. We know how it is. You’re living under the same roof but you don’t talk anymore. It’s been a long time since you spent time getting to know each other all over again. Families can find it tricky to engage and couples that have passed through the dating years don’t know how to start up again. Our cards help break down that initial awkwardness in a fun and relaxing way.


See what some of our customers have said about Talking Point Cards:


‘Some of the questions were quick and straightforward, while others were more thought provoking. It gave us something different to talk about outside the typical operational 'how was your day' type of-conversations.’


‘We have 3 boys: 5, 14, and 17 and, believe it or not, these cards work perfectly to get conversation flowing among all of us. The first card was pulled and I started learning things about my children that I didn't know. The most surprising thing was that my teenagers ENJOY this.’


  1. Unplug to unwind – as human beings we are biologically engineered to thrive on face to face interaction. When our friends say, ‘it’s good to see you’, it stimulates waves of positive emotions in us. Social Media asks us all to be the best version of ourselves; happy smiles, attractive photographs, witty soundbites, when really humans are a lot more layered and complicated. We are not one thing. And a social life online is not a happy one. Real friendships with love and intimacy come about from loving all the difficult parts too. A regular social ritual, a game together in our often chaotic lives provides the deep happiness and enjoyment that we so badly crave.


  1. Get friendly – Play is an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults. It’s about forgetting work and commitments and being social in a fun and creative way. Sharing laughs with friends fosters empathy, compassion, trust and intimacy. All the cornerstones of a lasting, strong friendship. Talking together in a relaxing setting can help everyone loosen up in stressful situations, break the ice with strangers and even make new friends.

Try to clear your schedule for fun. Host a regular Talking Point Cards night for family and friends. No phones allowed on the table, watch the good times blossom and the group bond. And remember, all that fun is good for you!