We need to talk about …..everything

We hear it all the time; it’s good to talk, we should talk more, lets chat. But why? Why should we talk? Why is good conversation good for us?

As a wise man, George Bernard Shaw once said, ‘The trouble with her is that she lacks the power of conversation but not the power of speech.’

It’s true we’re sharing information, opinions, questioning, swapping ideas, getting insights into the other person. But good conversation can give us so much more than just the superficial passing of details. It’s not about endless chatter, conversation demands listening and talking in equal parts.

Conversation is about a basic human need to be understood and to understand. It gives us a sense of self, and confidence. It is an ultimate human activity, that brings us into direct contact with people in all their complexities and vulnerabilities.

Tricky topics

Sometimes it can be difficult to start a conversation, especially when it’s been a while since you’ve really talked. Outside of the weather, or how was your day, many of us can feel awkward trying to spark up deep and meaningful chats with our loved ones. We can live together, see each other every day and still feel apart because we don’t talk, talk talk.

Conversation is our best remedy for loneliness and feeling alienated. Our heads can run away with themselves when we’re not talking or listening. They have a tendency to misinterpret silence and invent scenarios in our minds. That can make us feel downright rotten about life.

C’mon C’mon get happy

So, we want to talk and have that special connection but don’t know where to start. Our Talking Point Cards are just that. Starting points. Some are fun and lightweight, others go deeper. All encourage conversation, which builds relationships, which makes us happy.

Deep meaningful conversation is the lifeblood of relationships. When conversation is vibrant so is the relationship, and not just romantic ones. Good meaningful conversation can provide happiness in every scenario, we can feel bonded and connected in a deep way. There’s nothing wrong with that.