Why we need to Unplug to Connect

Here at Talking Point Cards we’re into technology. We’re hooked up, downloaded and live streaming. And when robot butlers come on board whizzing around with cups of tea and a vacuum, we’ll be first-in-line. We know and love all the benefits of living in this digital age, but one thing we’ve grown tired of is digital relationships.

Difficulties with Digital

Emails, DMs, socials, texting, our thumbs are worn out, our eyes are stinging, and our heads are melted. Misinterpretation is just too easy on screen; a typo, a picture posted from a weird angle, the wrong emoji and woops - you’ve messed up. Without non-verbal cues, it’s impossible to gauge whether or not communication is being received the way you intended it to be. Digital relationships can sometimes feel hollow and one dimensional, a winking emoji will never replace an actual in-real-life wink, let alone an elbow nudge or a hug.

Social Life means Real Life

A life on screen is not real social contact, which is what we social animals need to feel happy. Screen life reduces meaningful relationships and loses beautiful intimate moments, that can only happen when you’re in the same physical space. Sometimes what we really crave is a chat with another person, face to face. To enjoy real company, can feel like an exotic dish we’ve taken off the menu recently.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Talking Point Cards started in 2015 when founder Ben Jones noticed how technology was eating into real genuine human relationships. He didn’t like it. But instead of doing what the rest of us might do – namely nothing - Ben swung into action. After much research he realized just how important conversation was to families and couples in terms of family bonding, relationship building and connections. He created family and couple conversation starters, cards with over 200 talking points to get people talking around the kitchen table again. Inviting families and couples everywhere to unplug, get to know each other and spend quality time together.

Conversations with purpose

And the results are astounding. Thousands of glowing online reviews for these high quality, beautifully designed cards. More importantly, the feedback from customers who are re-connecting and getting to know each other on a deeper level is heartwarming. We’re happy to have started a conversation that doesn’t want to end.