• Four Benefits of Healthy Relationships

    Us humans are simple folk really. All we really want out of life is to be understood. To be listened to, trusted and cared for. What we really want is to find our tribe. To connect with that group or person who really gets us, who don’t think it’s weird that we buy endless cookbooks in search of the perfect carbonara recipe, or that we can keep pace with Eminem’s rapping. They love us for our quirks. And because of these healthy relationships we all benefit:

  • Too much Screen Time is Damaging Our Health

    Instinctively we know too much time on screens can’t be good for us. We even make jokes, slightly nervously, about digital detoxes. We go from the computer screen, to the TV, to the ipad to the phone, our eyes constantly grazing, our mind scattered and feeling emotionally delicate. What’s happening? Why can’t we tear ourselves away from them? And why do they make us feel so flat?

    We’ve taken a dive into some scientific journals to discover the side effects of all that time online.

  • Family versus Technology (and why we need to switch off more)

    Is Alexa part of your family unit? She’s crept into ours, she’s very knowledgeable and has a great music collection. We’re happy she moved in. Some of the other tech stuff, we’re not sure about. Americans now check their phones on average 96 times a day – it feels like a lot doesn’t it? We’re plugged in and zoned out. Reading news, playing games, connecting with people around the world and ordering tasty meals from uber eats. And our children are too, we give them devices to distract or reward them.

    A recent study found that when a parent returned from work, only 30% were greeted by their children because they were so immersed in technology. 57% of parents are unhappy with the amount of time their kids are spending online.

  • Three reasons Talking Point Cards are good for you

    Talking is good for us, we know this. But did you know it can also boost our emotional and mental health? It’s a double whammy. Good conversation keeps us happy and healthy.

    Not that you need an excuse to whip out our Talking Point Cards but below are just three reasons why having conversations with purpose are genuinely good for you:

  • Time to make Time

    Do you find that you never see your loved ones? Well, you see them; slumped over their screen on the couch, playing video games in bed, watching the TV in the den. But you don’t get to talk them outside of ‘did you put the dog out? Have you seen my bag? Where are my car keys?’. There’s no real conversation.

    You’re under the same roof. But you’re not together in a meaningful way. You find you’re on different schedules, mealtimes are on the run. It’s go go go and then you collapse into separate corners. Quality time has somehow been whittled down to an annual vacation or Christmas. And you know in your heart of hearts that it’s not good enough, and you desperately want to reconnect as a unit.

  • Five Tips for Better Relationships (to give you All the Feels)

    Hands down the most important thing we have in our lives is our connection with other people. Positive, supportive, trusting relationships give us super-powers. With good people around us we are strong, healthy and brimming with possibilities. We can’t think of anything more valuable, so we’ve put together our top five list of how to develop happy relationships in all areas of our lives:

    1. We need to talk about …..everything

      We hear it all the time; it’s good to talk, we should talk more, lets chat. But why? Why should we talk? Why is good conversation good for us?

      It’s true we’re sharing information, opinions, questioning, swapping ideas, getting insights into the other person. But good conversation can give us so much more than just the superficial passing of details. It’s not about endless chatter, conversation demands listening and talking in equal parts.

      Conversation is about a basic human need to be understood and to understand. It gives us a sense of self, and confidence. It is an ultimate human activity, that brings us into direct contact with people in all their complexities and vulnerabilities.

    2. Why we need to Unplug to Connect

      A life on screen is not real social contact, which is what we social animals need to feel happy. Screen life reduces meaningful relationships and loses beautiful intimate moments, that can only happen when you’re in the same physical space. Sometimes what we really crave is a chat with another person, face to face. To enjoy real company, can feel like an exotic dish we’ve taken off the menu recently.